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Months of price alerts and a particularly harrowing payment and shipping delay all paid off – this sucker’s finally mine.

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Neil’s challenge:

What is Chie leaning on?
In this case, it’s “Amagi Yukiko, Taito Premium Prize”.
Extra credit was offered for an outdoor shot that involved forced perspective, where “a full-sized thing is used to make the figure also look full-sized”. In this case that is a full-sized 2′ tall rock that I think looks like the side of a mountain, and a 1′ tall weed that sort of looks like a tree.
I’m pretty sad about that giant seam along the glued-on hair piece on Yukiko, but that’s just what you get with prize figures. Thought about editing it out, but it felt disingenuous.
After the jump: physical setup banality.

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A lot of folks, when they’re getting to a certain stage in their digital image editing experience, discover the “saturation” slider and it’s easy to go hog wild with it. In reference to that, Jeff issued me the following challenge:

Take a picture of this thing and oversaturate it – artistically – in post. I’m serious. Show [people] how overkill is done correctly.

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When Neil and I attend conventions together we traditionally challenge each other to buy a figure of any sort while at the convention and stage a photograph at or around the event. Sometimes this works and sometimes it really doesn’t. I ended up snagging this Shizue for maybe a dollar less that I see it go for online, which is a good enough deal for me.


Since this was Otakon’s last year in “Charm” City, we added the caveat of capturing a part of the unique architecture of the Baltimore Convention Center in the picture as well.

I will not mince words: for all my concerns about their change of venue to Washington DC, I am not going to miss Baltimore. The BCC is long overdue for renovation and is practically disintegrating in it’s current state, the city has made some breathtakingly poor decisions with regards to pedestrian flow around the area, ancillary retail (like places to eat) has seen better days, honestly, it’s good to put it behind me. But the BCC, with it’s giant glass walls and concrete triangles everywhere, was truly weird, and in that regard it’ll always have a place in my heart.

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Figure Photo Fights at conventions can be especially fun, and Otakon was no exception. The official challenge is:

You are to purchase a figure of any kind (articulated, prize, scale) and take a picture of it while attending Otakon 2016.

Since it’s the convention’s last year in Baltimore, the photograph should feature one or more of the unique architectural elements of the BCC.

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My challenge this time was pretty specific, but still left me a lot of room to play. Jeff said,

It’s hotter than a dog’s asshole outside, so take Nendoroid Umaru and snap a picture of her being a nice normal person and avoiding the sun at all costs. Overuse of accessories is encouraged. Feel free to incorporate any other nendoroids or their accessories as well.  More »

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The relative humidity out there is like 44% but it feels like twice that when you’re laying in wet grass.


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I had grand plans for this Photo Fight, which involved lighting experiments that just didn’t go my way. Fortunately, Jeff was willing to humor me, and chose the Penguin Parade 1/8 Celia Aintree and told me to go wild with my lighting experiment. This time around, a few things went right, and a lot of things went wrong.  More »

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As hard as I tried, I couldn’t quite manage to get this one entirely PG rated, so if you’re over the age of 18 and mature enough to handle partial figure nudity, go ahead and slam that break:

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The Great Cake Heist of 2016



For a myriad of time management and equipment related reasons (Jeff forgot to charge his battery) I was unable to complete this challenge as written – with no working camera I was unable to take a picture of a figure I purchased at Katsucon while I was there. I did manage to include a figure that I bought at Katsucon (The Legacy of Revoltech Lupin re-release on the right) in this photo shoot from home, though, within the month and change that I pissed away doing very little.