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Your task is to take these two figures and get a shot from a dynamic angle. Since the show from which they come is full of exaggerated and interesting angles, you should try to capture that vibe. Extra points for bright colors in the background.

My initial idea for this involved fabricating and entire mockup of the inside of the “Boobies” restaurant, but I just don’t have the desk space for it. That wasn’t going to stop me from using the backdrop, which is just a piece of cheap cotton fabric that I used a straw to spit paint at and a UV light.

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This is a photo many months in the making, because it’s the first figure photo shoot that has relied on the delivery of a Kickstarter reward. Specifically it was waiting on the excellent metal coins from the Fantasy Coins project. I always thought Tiki needed a bigger hoard than she came with, so I was able to give her one. A much bigger hoard…  More »

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Unprofessional question: is Pochaco supposed to be American? It wouldn’t be a stretch, given the way Japanese artists often portray female characters that are meant to be American. It’s the box art that got me thinking.

The Vertex Super Pochaco Cowgirl version was released on August 29, 2014 at an MSRP of ¥11000. Pre-orders for a December re-release opened on October 17, 2014, also at an MSRP of ¥11000.

This is a cast off figure and as such this post contains not-safe-for-work material. Please browse appropriately.

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