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This week Jeff gave me a lot of room to interpret what I had to do with this Tamaki Kousaka. The key word was “dynamic” and I chose to read that as “contrasty and saturated” and that’s where the red curtain came from. Jeff’s specific challenge to me was,

Your challenge is freeform. My only caveat is that you must use a “dynamic” background. Dream up something complimentary, take your time with exposure value and composition and belt it out of the park.

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It is my hope that this post will serve to dispel any alarm that might come from the fact that I haven’t posted a new Tamaki Kousaka figure in… 3 days. This time we have Kaitendoh’s veritable ten-car-pileup of visual themes; the Bunny ver. of Tamaki. She’s wearing a swimsuit, sorta, but it’s kind of winter themed and the fluffy white trim is reminiscent of Santa, but it’s pink instead of red, and she’s got bunny ears and… Oh I’m so confused. This version of Tamaki was released by Kaitendoh in 2011 for ¥8500, as well as an all-white limited edition variant.

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Pardon the large file size this time, I haven’t cropped or edited my photo. That’s because Jeff’s challenge encouraged doing all the work in-camera.

ƒ 3.2. Crack that lens wide open and give us something soft and intimate.

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BINGO! Er… I guess that needs some explanation. With this White Bunny ver Tamaki, I now have figures of this character in five consecutive scales; 1/4, 1/5 (this new one), 1/6, 1/7 and 1/8. This one is also my first scale bunny girl themed figure, and my first to have cloth hosiery. It’s a fun feature of the figure collecting hobby that even with 500+ figures, one still comes across new kinds of features and accessories frequently.

Orca’s Kousaka Tamaki White Bunny ver. doesn’t quite qualify for the “This Old Figure” category since it was released in June 2013. Its price at release was ¥12190 (About $120 today), and this one was found on Amazon for about that much after a couple of weeks of price research.

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Your challenge is the use of non-white lighting,” was Jeff’s only directive for Figure Photo Fight 4. This gave me a lot of room to play in both my methods and the theme. What’s the best non-white lighting situation for a figure in beach clothes? A sunset, of course. Simple idea, but where do I get a sunset, and how do I get my biggest figure in front of it?

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Thanks to other people being observant, I’ve realized that all of my previous Tamaki unboxings have been within the last week. As such, I’m retroactively declaring it Kousaka Tamaki Week! Hopefully you’ve had a wonderful Tamaki week. You can check out all four of the Tamaki unboxings here.

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After my increasingly large Tamaki figures, it’s time to change things up. Today we’re going to look at the smallest Tamaki, Samurai ver, figure. Don’t worry, I don’t have an addiction to Tamaki figures. I have everything under control and can quit any time I want to. What gives you the right… AHEM, moving on…

This Kousaka Tamaki Samurai figure is part of a trading blind box set called Niitengo by Toy’s Works. They were released in 2011 for ¥743 each (about 7 bucks), but I paid the “you snooze you lose” Ebay markup, so over $20. Let’s see what came in the little box all the way from Hong Kong.

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My Tamaki figures keep getting bigger! My Kotobukiya Samurai is 1/8, the Lechery one is 1/7, and my Kaitendoh Samurai is 1/6, so let’s skip straight to 1/4th scale for this one. This is my first 1/4 scale figure and that’s my biggest scale (1/1 scale doesn’t count when the character is 5 inches tall). This is also Kotobukiya’s first 1/4th scale figure since their Ah My Goddess cold casts in 2001.

This version of Tamaki was released in June 2012 for ¥12800 ($124 today), but I rolled the dice and bought mine from a random Amazon merchant for about $100. There are plenty of horror stories about buying figures from third party merchants on sites like Amazon or Ebay, but as you’re about to see I’ve been very lucky so far.

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Not to be confused with the Kotobukiya version, Kaitendoh has also released a figure of Kousaka Tamaki’s Samurai version. This design seems to be having a spike in interest, as Orca Toys is releasing their own version in a couple of months. I’ve preordered the Orca version, so I’ll be able to fill a shelf with Tamaki Samurais. This also gives me an opportunity to explore the different interpretations of the character design.

Kaitendoh’s version came out on May 22nd for ¥15800 ($154 as of today), so it’s a lot more expensive than the older Kotobukiya version. It’s also a larger scale; 1/6th instead of 1/8th. Hopefully that means Kaitendoh is giving us more for our money.

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This is another unboxing I need to begin with a confession. I really don’t know much about the Kousaka Tamaki character, or the To Heart video games. This is despite the fact that I now own multiple figures of the character. This is okay, because the character design is interesting, and the figures all seem nice.

When it comes to Tamaki, there are LOTS of figures. Over 300, according to MFC. Only a handful of these are the Samurai version of the character, and the Kotobukiya release was the first I could find. Originally it came out in December 2010 for ¥6800 (about $66 today). I got mine from AmiAmi’s preowned shop in Item A/Box B condition for only ¥3680.

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