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Neil’s challenge:

What is Chie leaning on?
In this case, it’s “Amagi Yukiko, Taito Premium Prize”.
Extra credit was offered for an outdoor shot that involved forced perspective, where “a full-sized thing is used to make the figure also look full-sized”. In this case that is a full-sized 2′ tall rock that I think looks like the side of a mountain, and a 1′ tall weed that sort of looks like a tree.
I’m pretty sad about that giant seam along the glued-on hair piece on Yukiko, but that’s just what you get with prize figures. Thought about editing it out, but it felt disingenuous.
After the jump: physical setup banality.

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Playing with new Sonico purchases in between events at Otakon. Figures are Sonico – Premium Prize – Space Police ver. (Taito) and Nitro Super Sonic – Sonico – Chatting Time ver. (FuRyu) respectively.


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About a month after the release of Taito’s Super Pochaco prize figure, we have the companion piece, the friendly and familiar Super Sonico. Like Pochaco, this Sonico is a prize figure, primarily stocked in UFO catchers and similar games, but is also sold at a number of retailers as well. This works out nicely for those of us who are thousands of miles away from Japanese game centers.

Taito’s Super Sonico was released in late June of 2014 and sold at retailers for approximately ¥1425 (~$13.95 at the time of this posting).

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For round two of the photo challenges, Neil presented me with two obstacles to overcome: first, make a Prize figure look good (in this case, Taito’s Super Pochaco). Second, I needed to have a blurred foreground – something needed to be in frame, in front of the figure, out of focus.

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Super Sonico got her start as a mascot for Nitroplus, a visual novel development house mostly noted for Eroge titles. The appeal of the character took off and arguably eclipsed it’s origins, resulting most recently in it’s own animation, complete with all new sidekick characters. Enter Super Pochaco – presumably fellow band-mate (honestly I can’t be bothered with the series) and plus-sized companion model described as “comically staggering” and “overwhelming”. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that.

The Taito Super Pochaco prize figure can be found in select Taito UFO catchers, but is also retailing at merchants who carry prize figures, generally at or around ¥1500 (approximately $14.68 at the time of this posting).

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My last few figures have been a little more expensive than usual (I haven’t posted it yet, but this month I took delivery of my most expensive figure ever), so for a change of pace here’s a ¥1000 (about ten bucks) prize figure. The words ‘prize figure’ used to mean ‘low quality’ but lately there have been some pleasant surprises. So after the jump we’re going to take a look and see how Taito did with Gahara-san.


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