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Wherein we both complete Challenge 41 before completing Challenge 40.

The terms are the usual: purchase a figure at the convention and take a picture of that figure somewhere in or around the convention center. My figure was the Good Smile Company 1/8 scale of Erina Nakiri from Shokugeki no Soma, a figure that I regretted skipping the preorder on, and subsequently paid that regret away at a cool, easy, 47% markup from the original retail price.

I was thinking there was some potential for forced perspective here, but I only had a miniature tripod in the bag and as a result went way too low to get the effect. I still think the figure, and especially the throne, ended up complimenting the setting in terms of theme and color, even if I mistakenly remembered the carpet on this level being red instead of blue.

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Warning: saturation abuse ahead.


Neil’s challenge:

This figure has a lot of subtle detail in the shading in the face, the sparkles in the hair plastic and the printing on the eyes. Your task is to do a portrait shot with high contrast, saturation and sharpness to make those details POP.

I asked him if I could add creative lighting to the toolbox to make the face on this figure jump out and he OK’d it, so I employed a trick I learned a long time ago with this figure – the addition of a fluorescent “black” light has a tendency to make some of the whites and reds really scream. It was also responsible for that purple cast on the back of my lightbox, but fortunately I think it mostly worked out.

Most of the work happened in post, though, which I suspect is what Neil had in mind. The contrast here is about half as amplified as I usually go with when touching up every day photos, and likewise the saturation is high enough to make me want to stare down my nose and sneer. The irises especially – for whatever reason they just wanted to come out flat, so I selected them individually and really kicked them in the ass, it’s about a 50% boost. As for sharpness – I added very little. The sparkles in the hair came out on their own, as much as they were ever going to (as mine, at least, have faded slightly over time), and the addition of sharpness beyond about 2% served to do nothing other than introduce grain.

If this is his revenge for my asking him to oversaturate his last photo fight shot, man did he ever get it.

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Months of price alerts and a particularly harrowing payment and shipping delay all paid off – this sucker’s finally mine.

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The relative humidity out there is like 44% but it feels like twice that when you’re laying in wet grass.


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As hard as I tried, I couldn’t quite manage to get this one entirely PG rated, so if you’re over the age of 18 and mature enough to handle partial figure nudity, go ahead and slam that break:

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The final entry in this little blitz of my most recent character obsession is the Kotobukiya 1/7 scale of Rikka Takanashi with her power fully unleashed. Brace yourself.

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It’s been entirely too long since any of us have made any contributions to this blog, so I’m taking this opportunity to flood it with all the Rikka Takanashi figures I bought at Katsucon (and one used from the Internet)

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“Sakurasou Pet na Kanojo” (“The Pet-Girl of Sakurasou”) is a slice of life comedy about a pinheaded male college student who spends 24 half-hour episodes ignoring his charming, attractive, talented and all in all likeable best friend in favor of a half-retarded foreigner with a knack for drawing and an inability to stay fully clothed for any significant period of time.

Following in the tradition of the animated series, Shiina Mashiro is the only character from the series to get a scale figure, at least so far. The 1/8 scale figure by FREEing was released in April of 2014, at ¥8333 (approx. $81.63 at the time of this posting).

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So just in case you’re new to this, here’s the thing with Alter. Typically in mid summer or winter, right around whenever Wonder Festival hits, they’ll release one or two sets of prototype photos. These prototypes usually look completely finished, and if it’s a character you like, or associated with a series you enjoyed, that prototype will knock your socks off. The projected price, if any, will be reasonable, and the release date will say something innocuous, like “After June”.

The thing is, “After June” includes July, August, September, October, November and December, as well as five other months in the following year until they have to change that release date to “After June” again. Oh, they’ll take pity on you and change it to say “After July”, “After August” et cetera. You’ll keep moving the cost of the figure in your budget, occasionally cringing when it makes a month really expensive, and then, out of nowhere and in the middle of a month, an in stock notification from your retailer of choice will land in your Inbox.

And then you get the figure and it’s absolutely perfect and you forget all about how angry the constant delays made you and you stop calling them “Later” for at least the next few weeks.

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