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Neil’s challenge:

What is Chie leaning on?
In this case, it’s “Amagi Yukiko, Taito Premium Prize”.
Extra credit was offered for an outdoor shot that involved forced perspective, where “a full-sized thing is used to make the figure also look full-sized”. In this case that is a full-sized 2′ tall rock that I think looks like the side of a mountain, and a 1′ tall weed that sort of looks like a tree.
I’m pretty sad about that giant seam along the glued-on hair piece on Yukiko, but that’s just what you get with prize figures. Thought about editing it out, but it felt disingenuous.
After the jump: physical setup banality.

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Neil’s challenge to me:

Pochaco noodle stopper in an unlikely or surprising setting. Like, “How does she end up climbing THAT?”

Neil, the next time I ask you if I’m allowed to composite a photo challenge do me a massive favor and say no.

After the jump: background image credits and the shot before I monkeyed with it all night.

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In part three of the Rikka Takanashi Admiration Parade, we learn that not everything is exactly rosy in the Chuunibyo prize figure world. If Rikka looks kind of sad, it’s because some jerk glued her head onto a pretty lousy figure.

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Second in our Rikka Takanashi Apprecation Tantrum, it’s the SEGA School Uniform prize figure.

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Legend has it that handheld shower heads and the hoses attacked to them have a huge variety of fascinating uses entirely exclusive from the act of bathing — to swipe a bit of old marketing, they make getting clean functionally indistinguishable from the fun one would have while getting dirty. I can’t attest to this personally, but I do know that they’re great at cleaning hard to reach places, like the soles of your feet.

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Neil gave me a bye week. My figure was the Sweets Time ver. of the FuRyu Sonico prize figures, and my theme was:

“Clean and relaxing. Have a nice time, and make something smooth and easy on the eyes.”

I lucked out and got a nice rainy day to shoot against. Everything else about the shot is pretty simple – I staged it on top of a cooler with an old piece of velveteen as the carpet instead of shooting it at the desk, and borrowed the TV from the Taito P4 Nanako prize figure. Sadly we can’t see that Sonico is utterly entranced by a “Junes” ad, but that’s alright.

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Since Neil and I both were attending Otakon 21 this year, we decided this week’s photo challenge would be a little special. Our photos were to:

  1. Feature a figure purchased in the dealer room of the convention, and
  2. Be photographed on location – be it at the Convention itself or in the surrounding neighborhood, but most importantly, away from home and all of our comfortable desks and lights and reflectors and tripods and what have you.

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Playing with new Sonico purchases in between events at Otakon. Figures are Sonico – Premium Prize – Space Police ver. (Taito) and Nitro Super Sonic – Sonico – Chatting Time ver. (FuRyu) respectively.


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I’ve finally figured out how to beat Neil to posting a photo challenge, but that’s going to have to remain a secret for now.

This week my challenge was to feature the Sega Popura prize figure, modeled after the cover of this CD, and to use a musical theme.

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About a month after the release of Taito’s Super Pochaco prize figure, we have the companion piece, the friendly and familiar Super Sonico. Like Pochaco, this Sonico is a prize figure, primarily stocked in UFO catchers and similar games, but is also sold at a number of retailers as well. This works out nicely for those of us who are thousands of miles away from Japanese game centers.

Taito’s Super Sonico was released in late June of 2014 and sold at retailers for approximately ¥1425 (~$13.95 at the time of this posting).

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