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Neil’s challenge to me:

Pochaco noodle stopper in an unlikely or surprising setting. Like, “How does she end up climbing THAT?”

Neil, the next time I ask you if I’m allowed to composite a photo challenge do me a massive favor and say no.

After the jump: background image credits and the shot before I monkeyed with it all night.

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Please note that while this spotlight will not be covering the cast-off aspects of this figure, it still features a pretty scanty outfit. Hit the jump at your own discretion.

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Happy Holidays from FigSoc!

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Neil’s 25th challenge to me involved the A+ Beer Girl Pochaco, and was as follows:

BEER! It can be in a bottle, in a can, in a glass or any other way you like, 
but your shot must have actual beer in it.

Well, that’s speaking my language. I’m a little late for Oktoberfest, but I’d been planning a shot a lot like this anyway, so I’ll use it as a convenient excuse. The secret to this shot is now that I’m done I’m drinking the beer.

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Unprofessional question: is Pochaco supposed to be American? It wouldn’t be a stretch, given the way Japanese artists often portray female characters that are meant to be American. It’s the box art that got me thinking.

The Vertex Super Pochaco Cowgirl version was released on August 29, 2014 at an MSRP of ¥11000. Pre-orders for a December re-release opened on October 17, 2014, also at an MSRP of ¥11000.

This is a cast off figure and as such this post contains not-safe-for-work material. Please browse appropriately.

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For round two of the photo challenges, Neil presented me with two obstacles to overcome: first, make a Prize figure look good (in this case, Taito’s Super Pochaco). Second, I needed to have a blurred foreground – something needed to be in frame, in front of the figure, out of focus.

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Super Sonico got her start as a mascot for Nitroplus, a visual novel development house mostly noted for Eroge titles. The appeal of the character took off and arguably eclipsed it’s origins, resulting most recently in it’s own animation, complete with all new sidekick characters. Enter Super Pochaco – presumably fellow band-mate (honestly I can’t be bothered with the series) and plus-sized companion model described as “comically staggering” and “overwhelming”. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that.

The Taito Super Pochaco prize figure can be found in select Taito UFO catchers, but is also retailing at merchants who carry prize figures, generally at or around ¥1500 (approximately $14.68 at the time of this posting).

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