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Very late for two reasons:

  • Ongoing computer failures
  • It’s just plain not very good and I know it

The side of a hotel lamp did make for an interesting backdrop, but that doesn’t save it from also being an overpoweringly strong light source in the exact wrong place. A reflector would have saved this but I didn’t bring one; I used a blank white page on a cheap tablet as an improvised kicker which was almost, but not quite, good enough. Lesson learned: pack the right gear and be smarter about scheduling.

Figures are the Banpresto Ordinal Scale Kirito Prize Figure and the Banpresto Ordinal Scale Asuna Prize Variant in Kirito’s old coat from the original series.

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Continuing the theme of using Cu-Poche figures for my convention Photo Fights, at this year’s Zenkaikon I used Cu-Poche Asuka Langley. Compositionally, I went the opposite route. Instead of trying to make my figure look people-sized, I decided to have my figure interacting with giant objects. Both of my Cu-Poche Photo Fights have required interesting balancing acts. In this year’s case, Asuka is attached to her stand, hiding behind the can, but the stand needed more weight stacked on it to counterbalance the figure’s giant head. Editing on this shot was minimal, involving a crop and some lighting adjustment to make it pop a bit better.

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Some serious late-night streetpassing with the GSC Tachibana Sylphynford Trading miniature and a mountain of snacks. You can tell that it’s a Nintendo 3DS because of the inch of dust on the touchscreen (sorry about that).

Shot was done on a hotel desk with a stack of manga as a tripod and a 25 second exposure. The 3DS is the primary source of light, but I did have the bathroom light on as a very distant kicker.

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Your task is to take these two figures and get a shot from a dynamic angle. Since the show from which they come is full of exaggerated and interesting angles, you should try to capture that vibe. Extra points for bright colors in the background.

My initial idea for this involved fabricating and entire mockup of the inside of the “Boobies” restaurant, but I just don’t have the desk space for it. That wasn’t going to stop me from using the backdrop, which is just a piece of cheap cotton fabric that I used a straw to spit paint at and a UV light.

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Neil’s challenge:

What is Chie leaning on?
In this case, it’s “Amagi Yukiko, Taito Premium Prize”.
Extra credit was offered for an outdoor shot that involved forced perspective, where “a full-sized thing is used to make the figure also look full-sized”. In this case that is a full-sized 2′ tall rock that I think looks like the side of a mountain, and a 1′ tall weed that sort of looks like a tree.
I’m pretty sad about that giant seam along the glued-on hair piece on Yukiko, but that’s just what you get with prize figures. Thought about editing it out, but it felt disingenuous.
After the jump: physical setup banality.

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When Neil and I attend conventions together we traditionally challenge each other to buy a figure of any sort while at the convention and stage a photograph at or around the event. Sometimes this works and sometimes it really doesn’t. I ended up snagging this Shizue for maybe a dollar less that I see it go for online, which is a good enough deal for me.


Since this was Otakon’s last year in “Charm” City, we added the caveat of capturing a part of the unique architecture of the Baltimore Convention Center in the picture as well.

I will not mince words: for all my concerns about their change of venue to Washington DC, I am not going to miss Baltimore. The BCC is long overdue for renovation and is practically disintegrating in it’s current state, the city has made some breathtakingly poor decisions with regards to pedestrian flow around the area, ancillary retail (like places to eat) has seen better days, honestly, it’s good to put it behind me. But the BCC, with it’s giant glass walls and concrete triangles everywhere, was truly weird, and in that regard it’ll always have a place in my heart.

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The Great Cake Heist of 2016



For a myriad of time management and equipment related reasons (Jeff forgot to charge his battery) I was unable to complete this challenge as written – with no working camera I was unable to take a picture of a figure I purchased at Katsucon while I was there. I did manage to include a figure that I bought at Katsucon (The Legacy of Revoltech Lupin re-release on the right) in this photo shoot from home, though, within the month and change that I pissed away doing very little.

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Neil’s challenge to me:

Pochaco noodle stopper in an unlikely or surprising setting. Like, “How does she end up climbing THAT?”

Neil, the next time I ask you if I’m allowed to composite a photo challenge do me a massive favor and say no.

After the jump: background image credits and the shot before I monkeyed with it all night.

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Happy Holidays from Figure Society!

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Neil’s challenge to me this time around was something of a tradition we’re starting between ourselves:

One you buy at Otakon.
Hard mode: make it a prize figure
Nightmare mode: make it a trading figure
A picture at the convention. With convention stuff in the shot.
The catch here is that I’m the only one in our little club that’s making it to Otakon this year so I got to do this alone.
I firmly believe that if you’re not playing on the hardest difficulty possible then you’re not really experiencing the game, so I picked up this Hachikuji trading figure and staged it against the somewhat distinctive architecture of the Baltimore Convention Center – something that both always makes me think of Otakon, and also, now that I look at it, is almost evocative of some of the background art from the original season of “Bakemonogatari”. Maybe I cheated a little on “Convention Stuff”, but I promise this is more interesting than a bunch of shoes and carpet.