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When Neil and I attend conventions together we traditionally challenge each other to buy a figure of any sort while at the convention and stage a photograph at or around the event. Sometimes this works and sometimes it really doesn’t. I ended up snagging this Shizue for maybe a dollar less that I see it go for online, which is a good enough deal for me.


Since this was Otakon’s last year in “Charm” City, we added the caveat of capturing a part of the unique architecture of the Baltimore Convention Center in the picture as well.

I will not mince words: for all my concerns about their change of venue to Washington DC, I am not going to miss Baltimore. The BCC is long overdue for renovation and is practically disintegrating in it’s current state, the city has made some breathtakingly poor decisions with regards to pedestrian flow around the area, ancillary retail (like places to eat) has seen better days, honestly, it’s good to put it behind me. But the BCC, with it’s giant glass walls and concrete triangles everywhere, was truly weird, and in that regard it’ll always have a place in my heart.

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Happy Holidays from Figure Society!

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For Figure Photo Fight 32 Jeff gave me a Nendoroid assignment that was overdue, and I think he picked the perfect figure. Nendoroid Mikudayo. The assigment was:

Your challenge is the use of forced perspective to make the figure seem impractically large. I’ll give you bonus points if you do the work outside, but the bulk of the trick photography should be done with the camera and not with post work.

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Neil’s challenge to me was to incorporate the “action” arms and legs included with the figure. The sad reality is, they do not work well in conjunction at all, so I chose to interpret it as “arms or legs”.

It is a canonical fact that Elsie is nuts for fire engines.

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Oh hi! What a beautiful Spring day for a Photo Fight. It’s been a while, but the photo fights are not forgotten. For FPF28 Jeff challenged me to photograph Nano and Hakase enjoying a quiet time at home..

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It’s Springtime and we can celebrate with a new Sakura Miku Nendoroid! For the 500th Nendoroid (damn, that’s a lot), Good Smile Company moved their manufacturing from China to Japan. The cherry blossom theme is perfect for a springtime release of a figure made in Japan. Let’s see how the new factory is doing!

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After an unintended hiatus, I find it interesting that my return is marked by our hundredth post on the site. May it be the first hundred of many.

For this Figure Photo Fight Jeff told me to use the Nendoroid Sharon Apple, and one of my Macross vehicles. My first instinct was to go with Arcadia’s super-amazing 1/60 YF-19 version 3, but the size difference between that and a Nendoroid Petit is so big that I decided to scale back. Instead I used the highly underrated GNU-Dou YF-19 and YF-21 from Yamato (the predecessor to Arcadia).

The challenge was, “to photograph them together in the style of a promotional poster.” With that goal in mind I built a little stand to make Sharon hover, and opened the aperture on the camera to blur the Valkyries. Photoshop was kept to a minimum to add the logo and lasers, but everything else is in-camera.

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Here’s a small gallery of GSC’s new Halloween Miku Nendoroid to celebrate the fact that today is Halloween. Enjoy!

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One of the fun things about the Photo Fights is when curveballs are thrown. Such a curveball was thrown this week since my ‘figure’ is actually a Nendoroid Playset. That let Jeff give me a fairly open-ended challenge,

Which of your nendoroids have been in the kitchen? What have they been up to?

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Jeff’s challenge to me for Photo Fight 19 is simple in wording, but not as simple in execution.

Make these two interact with each other somehow.

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