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Continuing the theme of using Cu-Poche figures for my convention Photo Fights, at this year’s Zenkaikon I used Cu-Poche Asuka Langley. Compositionally, I went the opposite route. Instead of trying to make my figure look people-sized, I decided to have my figure interacting with giant objects. Both of my Cu-Poche Photo Fights have required interesting balancing acts. In this year’s case, Asuka is attached to her stand, hiding behind the can, but the stand needed more weight stacked on it to counterbalance the figure’s giant head. Editing on this shot was minimal, involving a crop and some lighting adjustment to make it pop a bit better.

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The challenge from Jeff for Photo Fight 33 described the visual style of the games from which my figure comes. Kotobukiya’s Sakuya Mode:Seraphim comes from Shining Ark, part of the long running Shining series with character art by Tony Taka. In reference to the visual elements from the game, Jeff challenged,

Build a background incorporating some or all of these themes. Dealers choice as to how to do it.

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Neil’s challenge was:

MAGNET FEET! You gotta have the figure sticking to something with the magnet feet. Find something interesting for to stick it to.

At the end of the day I’m not sure I met that challenge entirely as the wire grid I stuck the magnet feet to in order to allow me to display the figure inverted isn’t all that interesting. But I also don’t think anyone expected me to ever finish this shoot, so I’m putting this in the win column.

Aside from those magnet feet, the only other noteworthy thing about this shot is that the Revoltech Danboard’s eyes are the only light source in this shot.

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The final entry in this little blitz of my most recent character obsession is the Kotobukiya 1/7 scale of Rikka Takanashi with her power fully unleashed. Brace yourself.

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Way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Neil issued me this challenge:

It’s getting cooler out, so it must be winter already. Make your lighting and/or backdrop feel like winter.

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photo-fight-14_finalThis week I got an excuse to take the majorly-huge Dark Angel Olivia out of the DETOLF. After hiring a crew to help and renting a crane I moved it to where I could attack the challenge Jeff gave me,

Your challenge is to use that new macro glass of yours. There’s a criminal lack of up close shots of this figure, given the ridiculous amount of detail they crammed into it. Get scary close and give us something sharp.

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At Figure Society we make no effort to hide what big Monogatari fans we are. If we don’t own a Senjougahara figure, for example, it’s almost definitely on Jeff’s or my wishlist. Kotobukiya’s latest Senjougahara was no exception, and ended up being one both of us ordered. Thanks to the flip of the “order recombination” coin, I happened to get mine in hand first, so I’m doing the unboxing.

Of course, ‘first’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘quickly’. It’s been a couple of weeks since she was released on 7/18/2014 for ¥8400 (about $81).

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Neil’s challenge to me this week was:

“Rim lights. You must have at least one colored (not white or blue [too much blue in the figure already]) rim light. You may have a white key light if needed.”

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When Jeff gave me the challenge to photograph Kotobukiya’s Mirei-san, using a Dutch angle (in the camera, not post work) I was pretty pleased. Mirei is one of my favorite figures based on the work of my favorite illustrator, Yamashita Shunya, and I had not yet tried to take a good photo of this figure. I knew the Dutch angle would require some planning and looked forward to the challenge, however the process went better than I expected.

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Your challenge is the use of non-white lighting,” was Jeff’s only directive for Figure Photo Fight 4. This gave me a lot of room to play in both my methods and the theme. What’s the best non-white lighting situation for a figure in beach clothes? A sunset, of course. Simple idea, but where do I get a sunset, and how do I get my biggest figure in front of it?

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