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Wherein we both complete Challenge 41 before completing Challenge 40.

The terms are the usual: purchase a figure at the convention and take a picture of that figure somewhere in or around the convention center. My figure was the Good Smile Company 1/8 scale of Erina Nakiri from Shokugeki no Soma, a figure that I regretted skipping the preorder on, and subsequently paid that regret away at a cool, easy, 47% markup from the original retail price.

I was thinking there was some potential for forced perspective here, but I only had a miniature tripod in the bag and as a result went way too low to get the effect. I still think the figure, and especially the throne, ended up complimenting the setting in terms of theme and color, even if I mistakenly remembered the carpet on this level being red instead of blue.

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For Figure Photo Fight 32 Jeff gave me a Nendoroid assignment that was overdue, and I think he picked the perfect figure. Nendoroid Mikudayo. The assigment was:

Your challenge is the use of forced perspective to make the figure seem impractically large. I’ll give you bonus points if you do the work outside, but the bulk of the trick photography should be done with the camera and not with post work.

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From the Lynn Minmay YF-19 Memorial Concert, Macross Island

The circumstances that led to my FPF 26 effort, and the time that it took to get it done, have a story behind it.

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Neil’s challenge to me was:

Use a Dutch angle and dramatic lighting to accentuate the amount of power and strength in the characters pose.

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Neil’s challenge to me this week involved Good Smile’s 1/8 Senjougahara. The challenge itself was as follows:

BRIGHT COLORS. I’ve always loved the purple of Hitagi’s hair, and I think you could do something cool with bright saturated colors, either in the background, or in the way you shoot the figure. Have fun with making the colors strong.

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If ever there was a round headed character who was perfect for the Nendoroid format, that character is definitely Mako Mankanshoku. This ebullient figure was released this month for ¥3889. She was released along with the protagonist, Ryuko Matoi, but that Nendo is taking a little longer getting to me, so I’ll just be looking at Mako here.

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Nendoroid #396 is, objectively, the worst girl in the Monogatari series, that I only bought because I’m dead set and determined to own this entire run. The figure retailed in late June at ¥3611 (approximately $35.66 USD as of this posting)

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Nendoroids were a trend that I honestly did not care for at first. When I was younger I was into the whole chibi super-deformed trend in a huge way and have since burned out on it pretty hard. Nendo releases of characters I really liked eventually chipped through my bitter exterior, and as of this series, I’m making an effort to own all of them. In the series, not in general. o_O

And it’s a good time to have come around, because Nendos in general just seem to be getting better and better.

Kanbaru Suruga is the third of the Good Smile Company Nendoroid releases of the core Bakemonogatari characters, and #384 in the Nendoroid series. The figure released in April of 2014, at ¥3519 (approx. $34.47 USD at the time of this posting).

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