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Peak leaf colors are approaching outside as the weather becomes more crisp. Visually it’s one of the most interesting times of the year, and my challenge from Jeff reflects that,

Involve fall colors in your shot

Jeff’s logic being that the colors of Ichika could really work with an autumn palette. More »

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This week I get to shoot a plastic butt that’s been in my collection for less than a week. Neil’s challenge to me was:

Colored backdrop (meaning not black or white), and sultry lighting. It’s up to you what sultry + lighting means for this figure.

That is in fact a black backdrop, but I confirmed in advance that a colorful “tabledrop” is an acceptable substitute.

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Wherein we continue to test drive an unboxing format featuring less words.

This post contains potentially not-safe-for-work photos. Browse appropriately.

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My first entry into what will hopefully become a weekly series of friendly photo challenges between Neil and myself. We both select a figure from each others collections, and a theme to incorporate into a finished photo. The first of my figures that was selected was FREEing’s Yukata Shiina, and my instructions were to associate “a springtime theme”.

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“Sakurasou Pet na Kanojo” (“The Pet-Girl of Sakurasou”) is a slice of life comedy about a pinheaded male college student who spends 24 half-hour episodes ignoring his charming, attractive, talented and all in all likeable best friend in favor of a half-retarded foreigner with a knack for drawing and an inability to stay fully clothed for any significant period of time.

Following in the tradition of the animated series, Shiina Mashiro is the only character from the series to get a scale figure, at least so far. The 1/8 scale figure by FREEing was released in April of 2014, at ¥8333 (approx. $81.63 at the time of this posting).

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