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Happy Holidays from Figure Society!

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FPF-holiday-2015Happy Holidays!

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This week, Figma Miku is supposed to be,

casually enjoying a wonderful life that has nothing to do with being an inappropriately sexualized computer generated teenage pop idol,

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Neil’s challenge this week was:

Action Chie in action poses*! Bonus points if you include Yukiko.
*You can do only one pose if you want
I took this as a license to play with my food. If you take me to court I will insist that preparing to pounce is a potential action.
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Jeff gave me four figures for our twentieth Photo Fight and I added a fifth. With Mami, Eren, Armin, Levi and (added by me ’cause she matched), Mikasa, the goal was to:

Pit them against each other in an over-merchandising battle for the ages

Five figures in one photo!

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I think this week I failed to do what I was challenged to do. I definitely endeavored to meet the goal, but somehow missed and came through the other side. This week Jeff told me the challenge was,

Candid photography. Setting/backdrop, posing, and accessories are up to you, but the scene should feel casual and natural, not posed.

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I have to confess that I really don’t know anything about the Momoe Nagisa character from the Madoka movies. I really enjoyed the original Puella Magi Madoka Magika series, and collected all of the Figmas based on that. When Nagisa was announced, I placed an order assuming I’d get around to watching the movies, and then want to have the Figmas from them. That hasn’t happened yet.

Momoe Nagisa was released on 7/19/2014 for ¥4444 (about 43 bucks US).

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Double trouble this week with a pair of Figmas in my challenge. From the underrated and classic mecha anime The Big O we’ve got the Negotiator Roger Smith and his assistant the robot R. Dorothy Wayneright. The challenge was fitting for these two.

Invoke an urban theme. It should stay in keeping with the theme of the series, in that it should have a kind of Noir feel to it.

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This week Jeff threw me a curve ball. Or maybe a screw ball; they say those are becoming increasingly uncommon in Major League Baseball. I digress… Jeff’s curve ball involved assigning me a model kit, and an articulated figure. Specifically Wave’s surprisingly detailed 1/12 model of a Viewlix cabinet for the game Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold. My task was:

[…]to pose one or more of your favorite articulated figures having a rowdy old time with an arcade cabinet.

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The full title of this figure is, “Good Smile Kuji Hatsune Miku 2014 Spring Ver.”, because it came from the raffle type drawing Good Smile held in Family Mart and Tsutaya stores in Japan. In March of this year, for 800 yen (including tax) one could buy a ticket which would win you one of 9 different prizes labeled A through H and “Last”. Most of the prizes were goods with Vocaloid characters. The A and Last prizes were Nendoroids, and in this unboxing we’re looking at the B prize; a Figma.

As I mentioned, the ticket price was 800 yen, but when the figure hit the resale market the price skyrocketed to over 15000 yen. With the high price came a lot of unsold stock in the Ami Ami preowned department and each week they lowered the price by a little bit. Thanks to an alert from FigInStock I was able to catch it drop below my target price of 6000 yen, and I got the second to last one before they sold out (and as of today have still not gotten any more).

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