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Very late for two reasons:

  • Ongoing computer failures
  • It’s just plain not very good and I know it

The side of a hotel lamp did make for an interesting backdrop, but that doesn’t save it from also being an overpoweringly strong light source in the exact wrong place. A reflector would have saved this but I didn’t bring one; I used a blank white page on a cheap tablet as an improvised kicker which was almost, but not quite, good enough. Lesson learned: pack the right gear and be smarter about scheduling.

Figures are the Banpresto Ordinal Scale Kirito Prize Figure and the Banpresto Ordinal Scale Asuna Prize Variant in Kirito’s old coat from the original series.

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Neil’s challenge to me this time around was something of a tradition we’re starting between ourselves:

One you buy at Otakon.
Hard mode: make it a prize figure
Nightmare mode: make it a trading figure
A picture at the convention. With convention stuff in the shot.
The catch here is that I’m the only one in our little club that’s making it to Otakon this year so I got to do this alone.
I firmly believe that if you’re not playing on the hardest difficulty possible then you’re not really experiencing the game, so I picked up this Hachikuji trading figure and staged it against the somewhat distinctive architecture of the Baltimore Convention Center – something that both always makes me think of Otakon, and also, now that I look at it, is almost evocative of some of the background art from the original season of “Bakemonogatari”. Maybe I cheated a little on “Convention Stuff”, but I promise this is more interesting than a bunch of shoes and carpet.
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Since Neil and I both were attending Otakon 21 this year, we decided this week’s photo challenge would be a little special. Our photos were to:

  1. Feature a figure purchased in the dealer room of the convention, and
  2. Be photographed on location – be it at the Convention itself or in the surrounding neighborhood, but most importantly, away from home and all of our comfortable desks and lights and reflectors and tripods and what have you.

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