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One of the fun things about the Photo Fights is when curveballs are thrown. Such a curveball was thrown this week since my ‘figure’ is actually a Nendoroid Playset. That let Jeff give me a fairly open-ended challenge,

Which of your nendoroids have been in the kitchen? What have they been up to?

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I think this week I failed to do what I was challenged to do. I definitely endeavored to meet the goal, but somehow missed and came through the other side. This week Jeff told me the challenge was,

Candid photography. Setting/backdrop, posing, and accessories are up to you, but the scene should feel casual and natural, not posed.

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Neil’s challenge to me this week involved Good Smile’s 1/8 Senjougahara. The challenge itself was as follows:

BRIGHT COLORS. I’ve always loved the purple of Hitagi’s hair, and I think you could do something cool with bright saturated colors, either in the background, or in the way you shoot the figure. Have fun with making the colors strong.

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Neil’s challenge for me this week was:

>Monogatari Nendo Manga.
>You must include at least one speech bubble. Optional: more than one frame and/or monochrome like it’s printed.
Not a hell of a lot to say here. I am a photographer, not a digital artist, and this is what happens when you ask a photographer to spend a week pretending they are a digital artist.
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To date Bakemonogatari, and its sequels have been a vast source of both good anime, and good figures. The character designs by Vofan, as interpreted by studio Shaft have been good for many scale figures, Figmas, and Nendoroids. Based on the previous Nendoroid figures in the series, it’s was a safe bet that Good Smile Company would have Hanekawa covered.

GSC has been releasing these figures in the order in which their main story arcs happened in the original Bakemonogatari series, with the exception of the forthcoming Araragi, since he’s the protagonist of all of the story arcs. Hanekawa Tsubasa was released on 7/17/2014 for ¥3611 (about $35 US).

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Nendoroid #396 is, objectively, the worst girl in the Monogatari series, that I only bought because I’m dead set and determined to own this entire run. The figure retailed in late June at ¥3611 (approximately $35.66 USD as of this posting)

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Nendoroids were a trend that I honestly did not care for at first. When I was younger I was into the whole chibi super-deformed trend in a huge way and have since burned out on it pretty hard. Nendo releases of characters I really liked eventually chipped through my bitter exterior, and as of this series, I’m making an effort to own all of them. In the series, not in general. o_O

And it’s a good time to have come around, because Nendos in general just seem to be getting better and better.

Kanbaru Suruga is the third of the Good Smile Company Nendoroid releases of the core Bakemonogatari characters, and #384 in the Nendoroid series. The figure released in April of 2014, at ¥3519 (approx. $34.47 USD at the time of this posting).

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