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Oof, Jeff’s challenge had a difficult, but really interesting optional mode that I tried for, but failed on. I’m really happy with what I got, but it would have been neat to figure out the optional part. Specifically, Jeff said,

Incorporate water. Nightmare mode: Incorporate water *as a reflective surface*

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It took me some time to decide on the title of this post. I went with the name and source on the box, but it’s somewhat confusing because the character’s full name appears to be Iris Hartley, and she’s from a video game called Valhellio. Searching for “Lorelei; Sea of Stars”, in English or Japanese, returns only results about this figure, and in fact there is little to be found in English about the character or her game. So who is this mid-march figure, and why does she cost ¥10800 (approx. $105 at release)?


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