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Neil’s 25th challenge to me involved the A+ Beer Girl Pochaco, and was as follows:

BEER! It can be in a bottle, in a can, in a glass or any other way you like, 
but your shot must have actual beer in it.

Well, that’s speaking my language. I’m a little late for Oktoberfest, but I’d been planning a shot a lot like this anyway, so I’ll use it as a convenient excuse. The secret to this shot is now that I’m done I’m drinking the beer.

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Nitroplus figures catch a lot of flak for being basically pure advertising, and it’s a fair criticism. Pochaco specifically catches a second helping for being a lot fuller figured than… well nearly everything you’ll ever see in casual anime fandom, and you can’t really look at any post or page about the character without seeing someone joking or complaining about her build. We’re not going to do that here. I think she’s an adorable character and intend to continue to buy every figure that my budget can manage.

Thanks to the way my retailer of choice handles combined orders, I’m well past a month late on getting this figure. Past the jump, we’ll see if it was worth the wait.

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Neil’s challenge to me this week involved the honestly fairly disappointing A+ 1/4.5 Ichika. The terms were as follows:

Portrait! Get a head and shoulders shot that would look good in a frame on Kaito’s house. You’re not allowed to include the pokey/pointy hand.

I am certain that Neil knows how much I hate the face on this figure.

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