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For the fortieth Photo Fight, Jeff and I each had challenges involving shooting two figures from the same show. In my case I got to use my awesome Alter figures of Taneshima Popura and Yamada Aoi from the show “Working!!”. This time the challenge was,

Shoot these two figures in an arrangement that is complimentary to each other (more or less) with nice neutral lighting, then composite that shot on top of a background derivative of [the style of the geometric backgrounds in the show].

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Wherein we both complete Challenge 41 before completing Challenge 40.

The terms are the usual: purchase a figure at the convention and take a picture of that figure somewhere in or around the convention center. My figure was the Good Smile Company 1/8 scale of Erina Nakiri from Shokugeki no Soma, a figure that I regretted skipping the preorder on, and subsequently paid that regret away at a cool, easy, 47% markup from the original retail price.

I was thinking there was some potential for forced perspective here, but I only had a miniature tripod in the bag and as a result went way too low to get the effect. I still think the figure, and especially the throne, ended up complimenting the setting in terms of theme and color, even if I mistakenly remembered the carpet on this level being red instead of blue.

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Neil’s challenge to me was:

“The faces on Gift’s Saber figures have been controversial, but I have always liked them. Indulge me with a good close up of her face. Optionally, light the photo with actual outdoor sunlight, ’cause it’s Springtime.”

Despite practically never seeing the sun anymore, I do enjoy working with natural light. I used a simple reflector in this shot to get more of it onto the figure – just some aluminum foil adhered to a piece of cardboard and tilted until the reflected light landed where I wanted it to.

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It’s been entirely too long since any of us have made any contributions to this blog, so I’m taking this opportunity to flood it with all the Rikka Takanashi figures I bought at Katsucon (and one used from the Internet)

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Peak leaf colors are approaching outside as the weather becomes more crisp. Visually it’s one of the most interesting times of the year, and my challenge from Jeff reflects that,

Involve fall colors in your shot

Jeff’s logic being that the colors of Ichika could really work with an autumn palette. More »

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Way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Neil issued me this challenge:

It’s getting cooler out, so it must be winter already. Make your lighting and/or backdrop feel like winter.

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This week, Jeff has tried to evict me from my comfort zone for shooting figures. That’s actually a good thing. When we tell each other our assignments for the week, we call them ‘challenges’, not ‘easy… uh… things’. Jeff’s challenge to me was,

[T]ake it outside. Specifically, you should pick a nice suburban street or sidewalk as a backdrop. But you’ve gotta shoot the figure in the outdoors

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Neil’s challenge to me this week involved Good Smile’s 1/8 Senjougahara. The challenge itself was as follows:

BRIGHT COLORS. I’ve always loved the purple of Hitagi’s hair, and I think you could do something cool with bright saturated colors, either in the background, or in the way you shoot the figure. Have fun with making the colors strong.

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photo-fight-14_finalThis week I got an excuse to take the majorly-huge Dark Angel Olivia out of the DETOLF. After hiring a crew to help and renting a crane I moved it to where I could attack the challenge Jeff gave me,

Your challenge is to use that new macro glass of yours. There’s a criminal lack of up close shots of this figure, given the ridiculous amount of detail they crammed into it. Get scary close and give us something sharp.

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