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Months of price alerts and a particularly harrowing payment and shipping delay all paid off – this sucker’s finally mine.

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This week I get to shoot a plastic butt that’s been in my collection for less than a week. Neil’s challenge to me was:

Colored backdrop (meaning not black or white), and sultry lighting. It’s up to you what sultry + lighting means for this figure.

That is in fact a black backdrop, but I confirmed in advance that a colorful “tabledrop” is an acceptable substitute.

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Wherein we continue to test drive an unboxing format featuring less words.

This post contains potentially not-safe-for-work photos. Browse appropriately.

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Your challenge is the use of non-white lighting,” was Jeff’s only directive for Figure Photo Fight 4. This gave me a lot of room to play in both my methods and the theme. What’s the best non-white lighting situation for a figure in beach clothes? A sunset, of course. Simple idea, but where do I get a sunset, and how do I get my biggest figure in front of it?

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My Tamaki figures keep getting bigger! My Kotobukiya Samurai is 1/8, the Lechery one is 1/7, and my Kaitendoh Samurai is 1/6, so let’s skip straight to 1/4th scale for this one. This is my first 1/4 scale figure and that’s my biggest scale (1/1 scale doesn’t count when the character is 5 inches tall). This is also Kotobukiya’s first 1/4th scale figure since their Ah My Goddess cold casts in 2001.

This version of Tamaki was released in June 2012 for ¥12800 ($124 today), but I rolled the dice and bought mine from a random Amazon merchant for about $100. There are plenty of horror stories about buying figures from third party merchants on sites like Amazon or Ebay, but as you’re about to see I’ve been very lucky so far.

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