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This is a photo many months in the making, because it’s the first figure photo shoot that has relied on the delivery of a Kickstarter reward. Specifically it was waiting on the excellent metal coins from the Fantasy Coins project. I always thought Tiki needed a bigger hoard than she came with, so I was able to give her one. A much bigger hoard…  More »

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I didn’t preorder this one because November was a backed up month. But half of the figures delayed, and I’m a big fan of both Dragon’s Crown and Kamitami’s artwork in general, so picking this one up on impulse was not a difficult decision. The fact that it’s a legitimate 1/1 is just icing on the cake.


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Neil’s challenge for me this week was:

Your challenge:
Since this figure is basically 1:1 scale, find something people sized for her to interact with.

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