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Neil’s challenge:

What is Chie leaning on?
In this case, it’s “Amagi Yukiko, Taito Premium Prize”.
Extra credit was offered for an outdoor shot that involved forced perspective, where “a full-sized thing is used to make the figure also look full-sized”. In this case that is a full-sized 2′ tall rock that I think looks like the side of a mountain, and a 1′ tall weed that sort of looks like a tree.
I’m pretty sad about that giant seam along the glued-on hair piece on Yukiko, but that’s just what you get with prize figures. Thought about editing it out, but it felt disingenuous.
After the jump: physical setup banality.

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A lot of folks, when they’re getting to a certain stage in their digital image editing experience, discover the “saturation” slider and it’s easy to go hog wild with it. In reference to that, Jeff issued me the following challenge:

Take a picture of this thing and oversaturate it – artistically – in post. I’m serious. Show [people] how overkill is done correctly.

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