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Here’s a small gallery of GSC’s new Halloween Miku Nendoroid to celebrate the fact that today is Halloween. Enjoy!

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Peak leaf colors are approaching outside as the weather becomes more crisp. Visually it’s one of the most interesting times of the year, and my challenge from Jeff reflects that,

Involve fall colors in your shot

Jeff’s logic being that the colors of Ichika could really work with an autumn palette. More »

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This week, Figma Miku is supposed to be,

casually enjoying a wonderful life that has nothing to do with being an inappropriately sexualized computer generated teenage pop idol,

So what the hell is going on here?  More »

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Neil’s challenge to me was:

One or more of these: https://myfigurecollection.net/item/144691 and not necessarily that specific one.

Your challenge:
Play up the relaxing and literary/bookish qualities of the figure(s) with your scene/backdrop.

More »

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Neil’s challenge to me this week was:

She is in/has been in the kitchen. What’s she been up to?

The answer is the best answer possible: She’s been making a pie.

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I picked this figure up used from Amiami because it was cheap, because I like the character, and most importantly because I wanted one of this season’s Amiami postcard inserts and since I usually order my figures from Hobby Search, I have to make a special effort to put my hands on them.

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One of the fun things about the Photo Fights is when curveballs are thrown. Such a curveball was thrown this week since my ‘figure’ is actually a Nendoroid Playset. That let Jeff give me a fairly open-ended challenge,

Which of your nendoroids have been in the kitchen? What have they been up to?

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This week Jeff sent me on a quest, deep in a dungeon. Specifically, my assignment was,

Dungeon lighting. […] Your lighting, and a backdrop if you so desire, should make this character look like they’re on a dungeon crawl.

My accomplice on this quest was to be Movic’s 1/7 scale Rosanna; possibly the figure for which I have the most buyer’s remorse. More »

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Neil’s challenge this week was:

Action Chie in action poses*! Bonus points if you include Yukiko.
*You can do only one pose if you want
I took this as a license to play with my food. If you take me to court I will insist that preparing to pounce is a potential action.
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This week I get to shoot a plastic butt that’s been in my collection for less than a week. Neil’s challenge to me was:

Colored backdrop (meaning not black or white), and sultry lighting. It’s up to you what sultry + lighting means for this figure.

That is in fact a black backdrop, but I confirmed in advance that a colorful “tabledrop” is an acceptable substitute.

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