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This week’s challenge involved Alter’s 1/6 KOS-MOS Swimwear ver., and the hook was “Wetness. The figure doesn’t have to have water on it, but the photo must evoke the concept of water or wetness.”

This was kind of my plan C, so I don’t have a lot to say about it. I used a mister loaded with distilled water to get the drops on the figure and gently used a cotton swab to remove them from the swimsuit (where water would not naturally bead, were this a person). The takeaway for the week is that water is really, really hard to work with.


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The full title of this figure is, “Good Smile Kuji Hatsune Miku 2014 Spring Ver.”, because it came from the raffle type drawing Good Smile held in Family Mart and Tsutaya stores in Japan. In March of this year, for 800 yen (including tax) one could buy a ticket which would win you one of 9 different prizes labeled A through H and “Last”. Most of the prizes were goods with Vocaloid characters. The A and Last prizes were Nendoroids, and in this unboxing we’re looking at the B prize; a Figma.

As I mentioned, the ticket price was 800 yen, but when the figure hit the resale market the price skyrocketed to over 15000 yen. With the high price came a lot of unsold stock in the Ami Ami preowned department and each week they lowered the price by a little bit. Thanks to an alert from FigInStock I was able to catch it drop below my target price of 6000 yen, and I got the second to last one before they sold out (and as of today have still not gotten any more).

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When Jeff gave me the challenge to photograph Kotobukiya’s Mirei-san, using a Dutch angle (in the camera, not post work) I was pretty pleased. Mirei is one of my favorite figures based on the work of my favorite illustrator, Yamashita Shunya, and I had not yet tried to take a good photo of this figure. I knew the Dutch angle would require some planning and looked forward to the challenge, however the process went better than I expected.

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Meteorological Summer is knocking on the door, and that means it’s Summer Clearance time. It’s a great time for two things: impulse buys and second chances. I like to think that this falls in the latter category. When this figure was released I slept on it, because I didn’t know anything about the character (and I still basically don’t for that matter). But I’ll admit I’m a big fan of the “naked apron uniform”, so getting the chance to spring for it again was nice.
Max Factory’s Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Nyarlathotep 1/7 released in late October of 2013 for around ¥9333 (about $91.53 USD at the time of this posting). It seems to have bargain binned pretty hard, and I got mine for ¥4180 (~$40.99 USD).

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The challenge given to me this week was Evolution Toy’s 1/6 Ichika, using “high contrast lighting. It doesn’t have to be single source, but it should look like it is.”

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Your challenge is the use of non-white lighting,” was Jeff’s only directive for Figure Photo Fight 4. This gave me a lot of room to play in both my methods and the theme. What’s the best non-white lighting situation for a figure in beach clothes? A sunset, of course. Simple idea, but where do I get a sunset, and how do I get my biggest figure in front of it?

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I have never taken a good photograph of this figure.

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Thanks to other people being observant, I’ve realized that all of my previous Tamaki unboxings have been within the last week. As such, I’m retroactively declaring it Kousaka Tamaki Week! Hopefully you’ve had a wonderful Tamaki week. You can check out all four of the Tamaki unboxings here.

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After my increasingly large Tamaki figures, it’s time to change things up. Today we’re going to look at the smallest Tamaki, Samurai ver, figure. Don’t worry, I don’t have an addiction to Tamaki figures. I have everything under control and can quit any time I want to. What gives you the right… AHEM, moving on…

This Kousaka Tamaki Samurai figure is part of a trading blind box set called Niitengo by Toy’s Works. They were released in 2011 for ¥743 each (about 7 bucks), but I paid the “you snooze you lose” Ebay markup, so over $20. Let’s see what came in the little box all the way from Hong Kong.

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I asked site hosting administrator/overall hero Steve if he would do an unboxing of the Sonico prize figure we sent him, after he sent us a picture of the box when he got it. He said it seemed like a lot of work, so that leaves it up to me I suppose.

Sonico: After Taking Bath ver. is a FuRyu prize figure released along with a veritable storm of other Sonico prize figures, all in close to the same timeframe, starting with early 2014 and now spreading out to take up about the whole year – this one in particular went available in February. Common asking price, at release and outside of a UFO catcher was around ¥1600 JPY, (about $17 USD at the time of this posting); the value of the figure has matured to closer to $20-25 now.

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