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My first entry into what will hopefully become a weekly series of friendly photo challenges between Neil and myself. We both select a figure from each others collections, and a theme to incorporate into a finished photo. The first of my figures that was selected was FREEing’s Yukata Shiina, and my instructions were to associate “a springtime theme”.

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Thus begins the weekly challenge where Jeff and I photograph our figures. Each of us assigns the other a figure from our respective collections, and a theme and we have a week to come up with a photo. For our first time I got Kotobukiya’s Ryougi Shiki, and was told I had to incorporate “a cool, dark green in the background”. More »

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Super Sonico got her start as a mascot for Nitroplus, a visual novel development house mostly noted for Eroge titles. The appeal of the character took off and arguably eclipsed it’s origins, resulting most recently in it’s own animation, complete with all new sidekick characters. Enter Super Pochaco – presumably fellow band-mate (honestly I can’t be bothered with the series) and plus-sized companion model described as “comically staggering” and “overwhelming”. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that.

The Taito Super Pochaco prize figure can be found in select Taito UFO catchers, but is also retailing at merchants who carry prize figures, generally at or around ¥1500 (approximately $14.68 at the time of this posting).

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“Sakurasou Pet na Kanojo” (“The Pet-Girl of Sakurasou”) is a slice of life comedy about a pinheaded male college student who spends 24 half-hour episodes ignoring his charming, attractive, talented and all in all likeable best friend in favor of a half-retarded foreigner with a knack for drawing and an inability to stay fully clothed for any significant period of time.

Following in the tradition of the animated series, Shiina Mashiro is the only character from the series to get a scale figure, at least so far. The 1/8 scale figure by FREEing was released in April of 2014, at ¥8333 (approx. $81.63 at the time of this posting).

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Yamashita Shunya (山下 しゅんや) is my favorite character illustrator in Japan. Most of his current work is for Kotobukiya doing the 2D illustrations which eventually become their “bishojou” line of figures based on Marvel and DC super heroines. That’s not my cup of tea as much as his older works, especially his original characters. I own all of his art books, Sweet Dreams, Wildflower, One Voice and Beautiful Noise.

When I saw a figure based on one of Yamashita’s older original characters, which is in at least one of his art books, in the pre-owned section of Ami Ami I was obviously intrigued. Rudy was originally released in 2007 (making her one of my oldest scale figures) for ¥5800, and I found her on Ami Ami with a pre-owned Item A/Box B rating for ¥4180, or about $41.00.

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Nendoroids were a trend that I honestly did not care for at first. When I was younger I was into the whole chibi super-deformed trend in a huge way and have since burned out on it pretty hard. Nendo releases of characters I really liked eventually chipped through my bitter exterior, and as of this series, I’m making an effort to own all of them. In the series, not in general. o_O

And it’s a good time to have come around, because Nendos in general just seem to be getting better and better.

Kanbaru Suruga is the third of the Good Smile Company Nendoroid releases of the core Bakemonogatari characters, and #384 in the Nendoroid series. The figure released in April of 2014, at ¥3519 (approx. $34.47 USD at the time of this posting).

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The collection guide of a certain popular anonymous imageboard, towards the top of the document, lays out a pretty strict set of guidelines to help the average collector avoid the heartbreak that is buyer’s remorse. I don’t know a single person with the discipline to follow it every time, however, and seemingly every time we step out of line, we end up paying for it in full.

“HUGE! Rensouhou-Chan” is an accessory character, companion to the the Shimakaze character from the free-to-play online collectible card game “Kantai Collection”. It was released in April of 2014 by Aquamarine for ¥5000 (approx. $48.98 USD at the time of this posting)

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The Queens Blade Revoltech series are the figures that got me into collecting in earnest. My first was Erina, purchased on the last day of a convention because I was impressed by the variety of accessories and the articulation at the price. My tastes have changed a lot since then, but it’s still a goal to collect the entire 1P color scheme. Nanael was one that I had on the back burner for a while, but I was recently fortunate enough to come into one, SIB and effectively brand new.

QB004 Nanael is a part of the Kaiyodo Revoltech articulated figure line, Queens Blade series, is 1/12 scale and was released in September of 2009 at ¥2900.

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