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Sometimes you miss a special edition figure and you leave it on your wish list because you’re confident you’ll eventually find one. Other times you end up writing it off as impossible because it simply seems too rare. In the case of this Figma I never thought I’d see one at an attainable price. It came out before my figure acquisition skills were well developed and searching for a figure on Ebay will never give you an accurate perception of its attainability. Since this figure was released in December 2009 for ¥5600 (about 54 of today’s dollars, I was extremely surprised to find it on Ami Ami in their “Item A/Box A” condition rating for half that price.

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So just in case you’re new to this, here’s the thing with Alter. Typically in mid summer or winter, right around whenever Wonder Festival hits, they’ll release one or two sets of prototype photos. These prototypes usually look completely finished, and if it’s a character you like, or associated with a series you enjoyed, that prototype will knock your socks off. The projected price, if any, will be reasonable, and the release date will say something innocuous, like “After June”.

The thing is, “After June” includes July, August, September, October, November and December, as well as five other months in the following year until they have to change that release date to “After June” again. Oh, they’ll take pity on you and change it to say “After July”, “After August” et cetera. You’ll keep moving the cost of the figure in your budget, occasionally cringing when it makes a month really expensive, and then, out of nowhere and in the middle of a month, an in stock notification from your retailer of choice will land in your Inbox.

And then you get the figure and it’s absolutely perfect and you forget all about how angry the constant delays made you and you stop calling them “Later” for at least the next few weeks.

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It’s an indisputable fact that the YF-19 from Macross Plus is the coolest transforming robot ever. That’s why Yamato got their start in transforming robot toys with the YF-19, subsequently released an improved version, and now that they’ve changed their name to Arcadia their latest transforming robot is their third version of the YF-19. In an unprecedented move this figure was released early; the release date was moved up from April, to March 28th, in order to avoid Japan’s VAT tax increase from 5% to 8%. Considering the list price is ¥32800 (about $320 as of this writing), Arcadia is actually saving their customers some money. After the jump we’ll take a detailed look into why this figure is so expensive.


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My last few figures have been a little more expensive than usual (I haven’t posted it yet, but this month I took delivery of my most expensive figure ever), so for a change of pace here’s a ¥1000 (about ten bucks) prize figure. The words ‘prize figure’ used to mean ‘low quality’ but lately there have been some pleasant surprises. So after the jump we’re going to take a look and see how Taito did with Gahara-san.


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The kanji for Calne Ca (骸音シーエ) evokes corpses and calcium. The first character of her name literally means corpse or bone. I don’t fully understand the story behind the character, but I’ve seen it in a few Vocaloid music videos and when I saw that this figure was being released it was unusual enough that I had to have it. Calne Ca was delayed from February to be released at the end of March for ¥11905 (approx. $115 at release). After the jump we’ll explore the dark world of Calne Ca.


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