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Alphamax’s Sorceress is a 1/8 scale that released in late March of 2014 and retailed for ¥11800 (approx. $114.31 at release). George Kamitami’s character designs for the game were met with no small amount of controversy outside of Japan and on the Internet, and to a lesser extent the figure had a taste of that as well. The only controversies we’ll be covering on this blog are manufacturing defects.


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It took me some time to decide on the title of this post. I went with the name and source on the box, but it’s somewhat confusing because the character’s full name appears to be Iris Hartley, and she’s from a video game called Valhellio. Searching for “Lorelei; Sea of Stars”, in English or Japanese, returns only results about this figure, and in fact there is little to be found in English about the character or her game. So who is this mid-march figure, and why does she cost ¥10800 (approx. $105 at release)?


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“Golden Time” just wrapped up last Thursday, and it’s PS Vita game, along with the bundled limited edition Swimsuit version figure, made it out the door just ahead of the finale. The figure package hit the market in late March, and retailed for ¥8880 (approx. $86.70 at release). Details after the jump.



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Dark Angel Olivia is a card from a CCG I don’t care about, who’s figure came in a box that could have carried two to three of the same figure which subsequently cost $54 just to ship it halfway across the world. The figure was released in late March of 2014 and retailed for ¥13,800 (approx. $134.25 at release). After the jump: why it was worth every penny.



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Queen’s Blade – Erina – Revoltech – QB-008 (Kaiyodo)
Toy Story – Woody – Revoltech – Revoltech SFX #010 (Kaiyodo)
Oretachi no 1/12 Youshiki Benjyo – 1/12 (Aoshima, Milestone)

35mm Fixed | 1/5 | ƒ 20 | ISO 100



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“Maou Demon King” is one of the lead characters from the web-play-turned-light-novel-turned-anime “Maoyuu Maou Yuusha”, or “Demon King and Hero”. Kotobukiya’s entry into the arena of figures for this character is a 1/8 PVC sculpt by Abe Masato, which was released in Late October of 2013, and retailed for ¥9400 (approx. $96.41 USD at exchange close for October 24, 2013).

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Big thanks to co-contributor Neil for recommending the branches in the background.

35mm Fixed | 1.3″ | ƒ 3.2 | ISO 100