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Cu-Poche Gourai is the latest in my Convention Cu-Poche series for 2017. She’s helping illustrate one of the great things about Otakon’s move from Baltimore to Washington, DC; there are now good places where you can stop, grab refreshment and get ready for the next convention adventure, without having to camp out on the floor. The shot was simple to set up, but required some help from Jeff on how to get the camera stable enough without a tripod. Aside from the usual crop and resize, there’s some Photoshop work this time, but not much.

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Continuing the theme of using Cu-Poche figures for my convention Photo Fights, at this year’s Zenkaikon I used Cu-Poche Asuka Langley. Compositionally, I went the opposite route. Instead of trying to make my figure look people-sized, I decided to have my figure interacting with giant objects. Both of my Cu-Poche Photo Fights have required interesting balancing acts. In this year’s case, Asuka is attached to her stand, hiding behind the can, but the stand needed more weight stacked on it to counterbalance the figure’s giant head. Editing on this shot was minimal, involving a crop and some lighting adjustment to make it pop a bit better.

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For the fortieth Photo Fight, Jeff and I each had challenges involving shooting two figures from the same show. In my case I got to use my awesome Alter figures of Taneshima Popura and Yamada Aoi from the show “Working!!”. This time the challenge was,

Shoot these two figures in an arrangement that is complimentary to each other (more or less) with nice neutral lighting, then composite that shot on top of a background derivative of [the style of the geometric backgrounds in the show].

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For the Katsucon 2017 Figure Photo Fight I decided to go with the Cu-Poche Hestia. I haven’t seen the series, but the Cu-Poche figures are great, and the character design for Hestia stands on its own. The original plan for this shot was to take it outside and use the figure’s magnetic feet to stick her to a railing with a nice view. When I spotted a metal chair in one of the convention hallways, that plan changed, even though her feet didn’t stick to the chair. The camera settings included a pretty high ISO to account for the fact that the hallway wasn’t as bright as it looked, and I wasn’t using a tripod. That added a lot more grain than intended, but some of that was removed after the fact. There was also a tiny bit of surgery to remove a piece of her stand that wasn’t supposed to be in the shot.

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Photo Fight 39 represents two milestones for the series. It’s got the smallest scale figures yet (1/20 for the figure, 1/200 for the mecha), and it’s the first time one of us has had to build a model kit that wasn’t already done when the challenge was issued. The first thing I had to do was grab the Plamax Lynn Minmay kit from my shelf and get to building. After that, my assignment was,

It’s Lynn Minmay’s big moment, right before she irrevocably ruined the direction that nearly every Macross story would take for the foreseeable future by ensuring that milquetoast idol music was the only way that humanity could ever win a fight in space.

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A lot of folks, when they’re getting to a certain stage in their digital image editing experience, discover the “saturation” slider and it’s easy to go hog wild with it. In reference to that, Jeff issued me the following challenge:

Take a picture of this thing and oversaturate it – artistically – in post. I’m serious. Show [people] how overkill is done correctly.

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Figure Photo Fights at conventions can be especially fun, and Otakon was no exception. The official challenge is:

You are to purchase a figure of any kind (articulated, prize, scale) and take a picture of it while attending Otakon 2016.

Since it’s the convention’s last year in Baltimore, the photograph should feature one or more of the unique architectural elements of the BCC.

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My challenge this time was pretty specific, but still left me a lot of room to play. Jeff said,

It’s hotter than a dog’s asshole outside, so take Nendoroid Umaru and snap a picture of her being a nice normal person and avoiding the sun at all costs. Overuse of accessories is encouraged. Feel free to incorporate any other nendoroids or their accessories as well.  More »

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I had grand plans for this Photo Fight, which involved lighting experiments that just didn’t go my way. Fortunately, Jeff was willing to humor me, and chose the Penguin Parade 1/8 Celia Aintree and told me to go wild with my lighting experiment. This time around, a few things went right, and a lot of things went wrong.  More »

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NEIL 010

This weekend was Katsucon, and that makes for a special edition of the Figure Photo Fight! Specifically,

Your challenge is to buy a figure of any sort at Katsucon and take a picture of it in or around the Gaylord National.

So I bought Figma Link, and had him do some sword training on our snack supply in the hotel room. Despite technical difficulties (I forgot my SD card at home and had to borrow Jeff’s), I was happy enough with this picture straight from the camera that it has not been processed in Photoshop.