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When Jeff gave me the challenge to photograph Kotobukiya’s Mirei-san, using a Dutch angle (in the camera, not post work) I was pretty pleased. Mirei is one of my favorite figures based on the work of my favorite illustrator, Yamashita Shunya, and I had not yet tried to take a good photo of this figure. I knew the Dutch angle would require some planning and looked forward to the challenge, however the process went better than I expected.

At work the other day inspiration struck to make an office-themed backdrop to go with the figure’s attire and office chair. That idea quickly led to a bulletin board and before I knew it I was raiding the work email’s trash folder for official looking memos and bulletins. I quickly gathered a pile of blood drive flyers, parking garage closure notifications and misc memos as well as a spreadsheet, which I printed at 1/7th scale to match the figure. It was pretty easy from there to build a little bulletin board and add mini post-it notes (cut from a full sized one). I was also lucky that the figure’s alternate arm had just the right hand to hold some of the extra documents.

The actual hard part was the photography. I initially thought I’d use the point and shoot for mobility in getting the Dutch angle, but the autofocus would left the figure’s face blurry every single time. Switching to the DSLR was less of a burden than I expected, geometrically, and I was even able to set the autofocus region to the area with her face.

This one was a very fun project and the setup time seemed to fly by. Below are the behind the scenes shot, and a clearer photo of the bulletin board.

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