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The challenge given to me this week was Evolution Toy’s 1/6 Ichika, using “high contrast lighting. It doesn’t have to be single source, but it should look like it is.”

The way I see it, the easiest way to make something look like it’s single source is to make it single source. Single source lighting was one of the first big challenges I set for myself when I started photographing my collection, so in a way this challenge was like going back to a comfortable place. It was a chance to break out the 50mm macro lens (in my experience, macro is the best way to go with really hard, stark lighting), crack the aperture wide open, tack up a simple backdrop, find a desk lamp with relatively cool light and make a hamfisted, photography-class-style effort at a melodramatic picture. It was fun.

No setup shot for this one, it was way too simple. Black cotton sheet, single LED lamp close to the figure and to the right. Nothing else to it.

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