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Your challenge is the use of non-white lighting,” was Jeff’s only directive for Figure Photo Fight 4. This gave me a lot of room to play in both my methods and the theme. What’s the best non-white lighting situation for a figure in beach clothes? A sunset, of course. Simple idea, but where do I get a sunset, and how do I get my biggest figure in front of it?

The answer was in my technique for Figure Photo Fight 2. The plan, originally was to project a vague impression of a sunset on the backdrop by drawing it on my transparent plastic, just like I did with the lamp in my other photo. It ended up being fortunate that I only had ultra-fine Sharpies in the colors I wanted to use, because when I went to stock up on thicker markers I found my backdrop paper with clouds printed on it. That produced a much better looking backdrop than a blurry projection of colors would have.

The figure is lit with a lamp that’s filtered orange, but compared to the colors on the backdrop it doesn’t look as colorful as I intended, and I’m okay with that. The backdrop light, which doubles as a fill, and the orange key were all I used because I wanted a sense of the deepening shadows you get at sunset.

As you can see in the behind the scenes image, my backdrop was not very large. That was the biggest challenge. Had it been bigger I would have had more flexibilty, more room to move the figure away from the backdrop, a better angle with which to project the colors, etc.


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