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After my increasingly large Tamaki figures, it’s time to change things up. Today we’re going to look at the smallest Tamaki, Samurai ver, figure. Don’t worry, I don’t have an addiction to Tamaki figures. I have everything under control and can quit any time I want to. What gives you the right… AHEM, moving on…

This Kousaka Tamaki Samurai figure is part of a trading blind box set called Niitengo by Toy’s Works. They were released in 2011 for ¥743 each (about 7 bucks), but I paid the “you snooze you lose” Ebay markup, so over $20. Let’s see what came in the little box all the way from Hong Kong.

The box is roughly the standard size for a trading figure, and is pretty unsurprising. A couple of nice shots of some of the options on the front and back, and the sides show off all of the different figures in the series. Opening the top revealed a pleasant surprise in the form of a little ad for “Working!!” trading figures. We’re big fans of Working!! at Figure Society. Finally inside the box is the figure mummified in bubble wrap, an addition by the Ebay seller from whom I bought it.

Inside its bubble wrap, and the segmented bag that’s standard for trading figures, there were three parts: Tamaki’s head, her body and her stand. Assembly was easy, of course, though there was a little confusion about where her sword arm should go, since it’s in a slightly awkward position over her shoulder. Her flower hair piece has significantly less detail than other versions, but considering it’s tiny size it looks good. Speaking of the tiny size, this version is around the size of a Nendoroid Petit, which means she’s barely knee-high to a 1/8th scale figure.


For such a tiny trading figure she looks really good. Toy’s Works has captured enough of the details of the larger versions and all of the cuteness. The paint is clean and without any errors. Overall she’s definitely worth the original ¥743, and is worth the extra I paid to have her join the other versions in my collection.

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