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For the fortieth Photo Fight, Jeff and I each had challenges involving shooting two figures from the same show. In my case I got to use my awesome Alter figures of Taneshima Popura and Yamada Aoi from the show “Working!!”. This time the challenge was,

Shoot these two figures in an arrangement that is complimentary to each other (more or less) with nice neutral lighting, then composite that shot on top of a background derivative of [the style of the geometric backgrounds in the show].

This challenge gave me a little bit of unexpected freedom. Since I knew I’d have to do some compositing, I realized I didn’t have to get both of the figures in the same shot. That allowed me to set up lighting the way I like, get the shot of one figure, swap figures, and then make minor lighting adjustments before the next shot. The goal was to keep those changes small, because overall the two figures still needed to have matching lighting for the final shot.

Once I had the figures together in Photoshop, I decided to go for a style that the show has used, in various ways, through all three seasons of its opening sequences. The really large offset for the drop shadow really makes the characters pop off the background. As an Easter egg, since I used 3D figures, I took a little time to make the shadows look like the drinks are transparent, and to make the drinks themselves show the correct background color through the glass. That was one of the most fun parts of the project.

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