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Your task is to take these two figures and get a shot from a dynamic angle. Since the show from which they come is full of exaggerated and interesting angles, you should try to capture that vibe. Extra points for bright colors in the background.

My initial idea for this involved fabricating and entire mockup of the inside of the “Boobies” restaurant, but I just don’t have the desk space for it. That wasn’t going to stop me from using the backdrop, which is just a piece of cheap cotton fabric that I used a straw to spit paint at and a UV light.

And because of that UV light, there were some lighting challenges. To get the two figures more or less in the same focal plane, I had to clamp the lens as tight as it would go, which in this case is ƒ32, and to prevent desktop lighting from washing out the fluorescent paint in the background, I stuck to room lights on a dimmer only (with a reflector to deal with the shadow that Dandy’s bouffant introduces). I didn’t want the grain that a high ISO introduces, so the compromise came in the exposure time – a 43 second bulb shot.

If I had it to do again I’d go for sharper focus, but these things are rarely perfect.

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