20. February 2017 by · Comments Off on Figure Photo Fight 41: Katsucon 2017 · Categories: Photo Shoots

For the Katsucon 2017 Figure Photo Fight I decided to go with the Cu-Poche Hestia. I haven’t seen the series, but the Cu-Poche figures are great, and the character design for Hestia stands on its own. The original plan for this shot was to take it outside and use the figure’s magnetic feet to stick her to a railing with a nice view. When I spotted a metal chair in one of the convention hallways, that plan changed, even though her feet didn’t stick to the chair. The camera settings included a pretty high ISO to account for the fact that the hallway wasn’t as bright as it looked, and I wasn’t using a tripod. That added a lot more grain than intended, but some of that was removed after the fact. There was also a tiny bit of surgery to remove a piece of her stand that wasn’t supposed to be in the shot.

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