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Photo Fight 39 represents two milestones for the series. It’s got the smallest scale figures yet (1/20 for the figure, 1/200 for the mecha), and it’s the first time one of us has had to build a model kit that wasn’t already done when the challenge was issued. The first thing I had to do was grab the Plamax Lynn Minmay kit from my shelf and get to building. After that, my assignment was,

It’s Lynn Minmay’s big moment, right before she irrevocably ruined the direction that nearly every Macross story would take for the foreseeable future by ensuring that milquetoast idol music was the only way that humanity could ever win a fight in space.

I have a number of Max Factory’s Plamax 1/20 scale kits, but this was the first one I got around to building. Even though the whole kit is only 21 parts, there are three factors that make it really fiddly; its small size, its loose-fitting connections between parts, and its awkward decals. I somehow managed to keep my cool enough to get it done. The shading on the clothes was done with the pink Real Touch Gundam Marker and the skin was done with the “caramel” color from the Tamiya Weathering Master Set G. Everything was covered with a flat clear coat before assembly.

The photo itself highlighted how badly I need to put together a proper black backdrop. I ended up clipping cloth to a cardboard rectangle to get a flat surface, and it only barely gave me enough room to frame Minmay and the Valkyries in the same shot. Even though I knew I was going to be doing a fair amount of post work, to remove the stands for the Valkyries, it was important to me to get the composition all in one shot and not have to move any of the elements around.

Here’s my awkwardly balanced and cramped setup:

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