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Months of price alerts and a particularly harrowing payment and shipping delay all paid off – this sucker’s finally mine.

I will confess that, to this very minute, I have not seen a single minute of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, NEXT or otherwise. Not due to a lack of interest, but rather a shortage of time and funds to throw at streaming services (as opposed to figures).

In any event this one in particular caught my eye, just not in time to land either a preorder or to take advantage of the first wave of somewhat affordable resales. Out of the box, this one was just barely starting to sweat from being boxed up, so I suppose it came through in the nick of time.

Photographs truly do not do justice to the size of this figure. It’s BIG. This isn’t my first 1/4 scale, not even close, but this one just seems to take up more space.


Printing on the face is as sharp as can be, which is nice. Sadly, there are a few minor paint flaws on the hair, it just seems as if a layer or two may have gone on too thick.


The butterfly looks nice, but again it’s offset by some of the rough quality on the hair in general.

It’s late and I’m tired so let’s just skip right ahead to the two things that make this figure so valuable – Plot:


And Backstory:


There’s an almost uncomfortable amount of work put into the latter but that’s fine. I will say I was slightly disappointed in some of the welds on the arms and cleavage but I’m being picky, they’re not much of a factor unless you really go looking for flaws.


Likewise for the minor paint issues on the inside of the bikini bottom here. I went out of my way to get this in a shot, it’s absolutely nothing you’ll see unless you shove your face underneath the figure.

Last complaint, and something I couldn’t accurately get a picture of – it’s about a millimeter or two too tall for a DETOLF. You could force it, but the weight of one of the glass shelves would be resting on the head, and that would lead to a whole host of issues with a soft PVC figure like this.

As happy as I am with the figure, taking the problems into account, it’s hard to recommend it for the price that it’s going for (I paid $200 USD before shipping, recent price alerts have been $250 or higher). If you really like the character, or just the sculpt and design, the defects are something you’ll look right past. But if it’s an impulse purchase, or if you’re just feeling swayed by the popularity, maybe sleep on it. And then maybe pass.

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